Portable Camera Videos

Portable Camera Videos

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The portable camera systems are designed for rapid deployment, no tools setup. Open the system; turn it on; deploy your portable cameras in moments. No special skills are required to operate. The portable camera system is shielded by rugged case with a unique ventilation design, allowing a locked system (closed) to survey and record activities in the absence of supervision.



2012 Official Product Video

Portable Camera System – Outdoor Security – HD 720p 


Portable Camera Footage – Guard Tour – Top of Building
35 to 40mph wind - Portable 37x PTZ Camera (640×480)  

Conditions: Daytime/Winter – Guard Tour



Portable Camera Footage – Manual PTZ Control – Top of Building
35 to 40mph wind - Portable 37x PTZ Camera (640×480)  

Conditions: Daytime/Winter – Manual PTZ Control


Portable Surveillance Footage - Portable 37x PTZ Camera (640×480) 

Conditions: Daytime/Perfect – Guard Tour


Portable Surveillance Footage - Portable 37x PTZ Camera (640×480) 

Conditions: Night 3am. Snow/Ice – Guard Tour



Demonstration Video: (Archive-2011)
Portable PTZ Camera Kit. Setup and deployment of Portable PTZ camera.




Demonstration Video: (Archive-2009)
V4 PRO & 4x Wireless PTZ cameras at multiple distances (250′ to 1,000′).

More videos coming soon!

Want to see a alternate demonstration, maybe a particular system or camera? Give us your suggestion and we will seriously consider shooting the video. REQUEST A VIDEO


Reasons Behind the Gradual Demise of Portable Video Cameras

When portable video cameras came out of the market, a lot of people were so crazy about it. They can now have something to record images and footages wherever they go. The good thing about modern video cameras is that they do not require discs or tapes. They make use of memory cards that are way more convenient to use and are easy to transfer to another location.

Sadly, with the popularity of smartphones, the sales of these video cameras drastically decreased. People would rather go for something that has the capability to do many things. Why would they carry a phone and a video recorder at the same time when they can have them all in one device?

This is the reason why a lot of companies faced out video recorders from the market. However, some others simply tried to refocus on their target audience. They now pull more customers from small and medium businesses. These devices are more important for businesses as they are not for personal use. Of course, business owners would not want to invest on smartphones if it will only be used for taking images and videos of important events or business transactions.

However, there are those who still wanted to go with the traditional use of video cameras. They now have extended battery life. Images captures are clearer. To top it all, it is used solely for the purpose of recording videos and taking images. Thus, despite the decrease in sales, some companies continue to sell this device.